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3M Steri-Drape Fluoroscope Drapes
Starting from $60.95
  • Specially designed to fit equipment to reduce draping time
  • Protects equipment from exposure to fluid or contaminant
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    3M Steri-Drape Fluoroscope Drapes G-3M-1012-1013 Category Page
    3M Steri-Drape Isolation Drape
    Starting from $94.95
  • Helps create a vertical sterile barrier between the sterile and non-sterile fields
  • Helps prevent fluid strike-through to reduce the risk of contamination
  • Clear film allows the surgical team to see the patient and C-arm from the sterile field
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    3M Steri-Drape Isolation Drape G-3M-1017-6619 Category Page
    3M Steri-Drape U-Drape
    Starting from $131.95
  • Matte finish reduces glare from drape surface during procedure
  • U drape, U pouch aperture with adhesive and two exit ports.
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    3M Steri-Drape U-Drape G-3M-1067-1015 Category Page

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